I am so excited to announce that this blog officially lives at

Because of the ‘broke’ part of this blog, I am not going to pay for a redirect of this blog so I will be abandoning this blog and moving over to the new domain.

Don’t worry– all this content, is over there!  But all the new content will only be over there. Does that make sense?

So if you are currently a follower, please go on over to to make sure you stay up  to date on my latest DIY home improvement adventures.




Introducing… Product Reviews!

Summer has been pretty slow on the home improvement front so I decided to keep my loyal readers happy I will now be accepting product reviews! I am open to reviewing anything DIY-esque, home decor, home improvement, lifestyle, health,  or tech related.


If you are interested, contact me and I will get back to you with information on how to get started.  Stats and subscribers, are available upon request!



A few months ago a survey declared Long Island the most expensive place to live in the country. I work in the debt industry, I am saddled with student loan debt, and I am trying to make a living and stay afloat. I get why all my friends are up and leaving and moving out of state. Affordable housing is very hard to come by here on Long Island, making it almost impossible for most millennials to fly the coop and still stay close to home. I would be in those shoes too, less than a year ago I was still living in my childhood bedroom, if I wasn’t presented with an unique situation.

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