A few months ago a survey declared Long Island the most expensive place to live in the country. I work in the debt industry, I am saddled with student loan debt, and I am trying to make a living and stay afloat. I get why all my friends are up and leaving and moving out of state. Affordable housing is very hard to come by here on Long Island, making it almost impossible for most millennials to fly the coop and still stay close to home. I would be in those shoes too, less than a year ago I was still living in my childhood bedroom, if I wasn’t presented with an unique situation.

Last year, my grandmother unexpectedly passed away. I was very close with her, so it was tough to say goodbye.


It was harder when it came to her house. She had been living there for over 50 years, so you can imagine that amount of things and memories that still lived there even when she was gone. The house was in no shape to be sold immediately, it hasn’t had many updates in the past few decades. I am talking wood paneling, shag carpet and green appliances.

Not to mention this great tile I found hiding up bathroom carpet (yuck)

Not to mention this “great” tile I found hiding under bathroom carpet (yuck)

I decided that it can’t be sold to a stranger, at least not yet. I took every penny I had to make it mine and now I am taking on the unique responsibility of restoring the house. I say restore, because I want to restore it to its formal glory before old age took its toll.  I am going to admit, this is going to be tough because my budget is very tight and I have no handy skills and neither does my boyfriend, who is coming along on the journey.  Scratch that, this will be interesting.  I am going to become a weekend warrior and hopefully learn a bunch of new skills along the way or at least have a lot of failures and screw-ups to laugh at.

This is my portal to share that with you. I am going to share my home improvement successes( but probably fails), the planning and budgeting to prepare for it, some inspirational before & afters (and if they aren’t inspirational at least they will be comical), some cool vintage finds I come across and all of my bumps and adventures along the way. Wish me luck, and please follow my progress and give me feedback!



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